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Where Spirits Gather, Stories Unfold

A medium sitting at the head of the table with other mediums around her in a seance

My Journey

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey of Healing and Enlightenment

Welcome to The Mediums Table, I'm Michelle, a spiritual medium and healer. From a young age, I've been captivated by the mystical and the unseen.


Guided by a deep calling, my passion lies in using my gifts to help others through spiritual healing, meditation and to assist people in connecting with their guides or passed loved ones through mediumship. With over a decade of experience, towards enlightenment and holistic healing.


Contact me today to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards healing and enlightenment.

My Services

Client Testimonials

Straight From The Source

As a medium and spiritual healer, there is no greater reward than hearing from my clients about the positive impact my work has had on their lives. Take a look below at some of the feedback I've received, and feel free to share your own experience with me.

What People Say

Wild Flowers

E. S, Ireland

I recently had an amazing experience with Michelle. I had both a mediumship and healing experience with her. The connection was so genuine, and I felt such a sense of peace and comfort. Michelle's abilities are truly exceptional, and I can't recommend her enough for anyone seeking a meaningful spiritual experience. Thanks, Michelle, for the wonderful sessions! ✨🙏

Mustard Flowers

A. P, New Hampshire

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Michelle for a year. Her soul-to-soul readings have propelled my life in a positive direction, touching areas of my soul that needed attention. Don't hesitate; get your soul reading today. You'll thank me later.

White WIld Flowers

L. Z, Australia

In a recent sitting with Michelle, the connection with my loved ones was truly amazing! It was like they walked into the room. A lot of healing was accomplished within and comfort with the knowledge that they are around me always. The evidential evidence blew my mind. Highly recommended for an amazing experience and connection.

birds flying across a field at sunrise

"Within the whispers of the soul, we find the keys to healing, the path to enlightenment, and the infinite wisdom of the universe."

A lady with cosmic healing energy coming from her heart and crown chakra

Personalized Attention

Your Bridge to Healing, Guidance, and Love

At the heart of my journey lies a profound belief that mediumship and healing are not merely services; they are a sacred responsibility.


It's my calling to be the conduit between the tangible and the ethereal, to bridge the gap between our physical world and the realm of spirit.

With unwavering dedication, I embrace the privilege and duty to convey messages of love, healing, and guidance.


Rest assured, my mission is to uplift and support you on your own unique path, creating a profound connection that transcends the ordinary and leads you to a place of trust and enlightenment.

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